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Dr. Todor Yakimov - Head of Department Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Yakimov graduated in medicine in 1992 at MU-Sofia. He has two specialties - General Surgery and Cardiac Surgery. He became part of St. Catherine Specialized Cardiac Hospital at 1994.

From 2004 to 2008 he worked in University Hospital "St. George" - Plovdiv at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic. From December 2007 to March 2011 worked in "Tokuda" - Sofia. He has specialized in England, Germany and Hungary.

His personal account numbers over 1800 operations, 270 of which for one year in Cardio Center Pontika Burgas.

Dr. Yakimov and his team in Cardio Center Pontika conduct cardiac surgery, including heart valve replacement, coronary artery bypass, operations in connection with dissection of the aorta and other.

Since 2011 he leads Cardiac Surgery Department of Cardio Center Pontika - now ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas.

Ass.Prof.Dr. Dimitar Nikolov, MD - Senior Consultant of Department Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Nikolov graduated from medical school in 1987, and has two specializations: surgery and cardiac surgery. He has also added specializations in Germany, the USA and Japan. In 1990, he began working in the general hospital “Sveta Ekaterina” and earned 17 years of experience in cardiac surgery.

During the last two years in "Sveta Ekaterina", he was a member of the executive department “Transplantation and Artificial Hearts”. He joined Tokuda Hospital Sofia in April 2007 and leads the cardiac surgery department and operation block number two.

Dr. Nikolov has numerous medical publications in both Bulgarian and international medical journals, and he has participated in many scientific conferences locally and abroad. He is a member the European Association of Cardiac Surgery, the Bulgarian Union of Cardiology, and the Bulgarian Association of Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery.

In 2002, he was awarded “Bulgarian Doctor of the Year”.

Dr. Nikolov operates in ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas each month.

Dr. Andrei Neutov - Physician specializing in Cardiac Surgery

He graduated in medicine in 2001 at UM-Ukraine, Odessa. In 2003 he completed his study in Internal Medicine in Ukraine. In May 2003 at the invitation of the famous Bulgarian cardiac surgeon Prof. Alexander Tschirkov, Dr.Neutov arrives in Bulgaria to specialize in cardiac surgery. In 2004-2009 he is part of the cardiovascular surgery team of University Hospital "Sveta Ekaterina", Sofia and in 2010 joined Tokuda Hospital Sofia.

Dr. Andrei Neutov is a member of Pontica Cardio Center - now CITY CLINIC Burgas surgeon team since its opening in early 2011. 

Dr. Nikolai Uvaliev - Head of Sector „Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care“

Dr. Uvaliev graduated from the Varna Medical University in 1994, and received his specialization in anaesthesiology and intensive care in 2003.

He has received specializations in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Japan. After his graduation he began working in the general hospital in Turgovishte. From 1999 to 2006, he worked in the intensive care clinic of the cardiac and vascular surgery department of the university hospital “Sveta Ekaterina”.

From the end of 2006 until March 2011 he was part of the surgeon team in Tokuda Hospital Sofia.

Since March 2011 he is part of the surgeon team in Pontica Cardio Center - now ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas.

Dr. Petar Petrov – cardiac surgeon

Dr. Goran Milanov - cardiac surgeon

Born in 1973 in Macedonia. In 200 graduated medical school in Sofia.

From 2002 to 2004 Dr. Goran Milanov is an assistant surgeon in Special Hospital for surgical Diseases "Filip Vtori" in Skopje. From 2004-2011 is an assistant surgeon at the University Hospital “Sveta Ekaterina” in Sofia.

Dr. Goran Milanov has specialized cardio surgery in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in Freiburg, Germany.

Since 2011 he works in Pontica Cardio Center - now ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas.

Hospital practitioner in the Department of Cardiac Surgery.

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