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The Cardiac Surgery department of ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas offers the full range of cardiac surgical interventions for adults:

  • Aortocoronary bypass, with or without extracorporeal circulation (heart and lung machine), beating heart operations, and bypasses using existing arterial vascular structures;
  • Heart valve prosthesis;
  • Valve sparing operations;
  • Left ventricle volume reduction operations to improve cardiac function.

The cardiac surgery department accepts and treats patients 24/7 with emergency cardiac conditions such as Acute myocardial infarction, Dissection of the ascending thoracic aorta etc.

Cardiovascular diseases cause the highest mortality in Europe. Cardiovascular diseases are often the cause of loss of working capacity and premature death. Over 10 000 Bulgarians suffered heart attacks annually, and only 30% are treated in a modern way through unblock of the damaged artery. The most common heart diseases that need surgical treatment are ischemic heart disease and valvular defects.

Patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases are becoming more aware of their conditions, but the demand for specialized care is delayed in time, warned Dr. Dimitar Nikolov - Head of Cardiac Surgery Department in Tokuda Hospital Sofia and consultant at Pontika Cardio Center - now ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas. According to him the timely diagnosis and control of heart disease depend on every patient´s awareness and his doctor.

Key role in the modern timely treatment has the close collaboration between cardiologists, invasive cardiologists and cardiac surgeons as well as the presence of a modern Department of Invasive Cardiology, which provides a high standard of medical care for cardiovascular patients.

Russi Stefanov (53) from the town of Sliven on the day of his discharge. Prosthetics ascending aorta dissection in relation to the same and aortic valve replacement with mechanical valve prosthesis is the cardiac surgery, which he has undertaken in Cardio Center Pontika - now CITY CLINIC Burgas.

On the eighth day after surgery he is in good condition and is going to be discharged, here he accepts guidance from the cardiac surgeon Dr. Yakimov, who operated on him.

Dissection of the aorta is the most serious emergency condition in the cardiac surgery, where rapid diagnosis and prompt treatment are essential for saving the patient's life. Combined with other pathology, as in the case of Russi Stefanov, this condition is a real challenge for cardiac surgeons.

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