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Computer tomographic angiography of the heart and its vessels

These are non-invasive and highly specified methods for diagnosis of the heart, pericardium and great vessels. Thanks to the technology advance and the introduction of so-called "Fast" techniques of research, it is made possible to conduct morphological and functional testing of vessels ‘parts and the heart.

The methods allow detailed anatomical assessment of vessels, cardiac chambers, pericardium. The Computer tomographic angiography can serve as a method for the preoperative evaluation of a range of conditions, thus saving the need for a second, purely diagnostic invasive procedure.

Another advantage is that the scanner angiography provides information simultaneously about all organs and structures in question and in approximately 15% completely changes the diagnostic approach.

In what cases is the scanner angiography appropriate for the patient

Suited for the performance of computer tomographic examination of the heart and coronary vessels are patients with:

  • clinical evidence of disease of the large coronary vessels and
  • an increased risk of heart disease
  • where clinical research is inconclusive for the presence of heart problem
  • vessels protesis or serious surgeon intervention
  • This method is primarily for patients with pulmonary embolism, in in planning radiofrequency ablation of the pulmonary veins.

• The examination is method of choice by patients with tumors or tumor infiltration of the heart and great vessels, in the evaluation of pericardial and valvular defects of the heart.

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