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The experts working in CITY CLINIC Burgas are committed to your long term health.


After your first visit to an outpatient review you will be advised what regimen you have to follow, what medications to take and when to appear for control, secondary or next check-up.

You can book secondary review by dialing:

  • +359 56/893 860
  • +359 56/893 861
  • +359 56/893 862

or visit us at the address of the Cardio Centre Pontika.

Patients after hospitalization

After being discharged from the CITY CLINIC Burgas, you will be given two copies of your medical history, one of which you will have to provide to your GP. You will also receive a prescription for the medication to take and the specific scheme for each of them. Your doctor will give you also a phone number, on which you can directly contact him if necessary.

Also, the specialist will inform you of your necessary check-ups after hospitalization.

To book an after-hospitalization review dial:

  • +359 56/893 860
  • +359 56/893 861
  • +359 56/893 862

or visit us directly at the address of the CITY CLINIC Burgas.

For your health and the full effectiveness of the prescribed therapy, it is IMPORTANT to perform strictly the guidance of your doctor in terms of medication intake, your daily regimen and habits.


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