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Our cardiac diagnostic and consulting center offers four consulting rooms, functional and electrocardiostimulation sectors.

The cardiology consultative offices in ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas offer opportunities for outpatient diagnosis and monitoring of all cardiovascular diseases using the latest methods.

In the functional sector we perform highly specialized tests such as:

  • ECG sampling on a stationary bike or treadmill;
  • Holter ECG monitoring;
  • 24 hour monitoring of blood pressure;
  • Doppler (ultrasound) sonography of the brain, the peripheral and renal arteries;
  • Lower Limb Venous Doppler;
  • Echocardiography including Transesophageal echocardiogram;
  • Our consulting rooms are equipped with GE Cardiac ultrasound machines of last generation (General Electric-Vivid 7), which offer unique for Bulgaria diagnostic opportunity.

For your convenience, the date and time of your appointment can be booked in advance by phone:

  • +359 56/ 893 860
  • +359 56/ 893 861
  • +359 56/ 893 862

or directly on place in ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas

To save time and due to the high interest in our Diagnostic and Consulting Centre we encourage you to inquire in advance by phone for possible dates and times that you wish to view a doctor or undergo medical checks.

Thank you for choosing us!

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