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ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas works in the following clinical pathways recognized by the Bulgarian national health insurance fund:

38 Invasive diagnostics in cardiovascular disease

39Invasive diagnostics in cardiovascular disease with mechanical ventilation

44 Endovascular treatment of extracranial vessels

45 Interventional therapy and the related diagnostic catheterization by cardiovascular disease

48 Unstable angina (UA) with invasive examination

49 Unstable angina (UA) with interventional treatment

51 Acute coronary syndrome with persistent elevation of ST segment requiring interventional treatment

206 Surgical treatment of heart disease in terms of extracorporeal circulation. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery by adults above 18 years

208 Operational procedures for complex cardiac malformation with a very large volume and complexity in requirement of ECC

209 Multiple organ failure occurring after cardiac surgery and requirement of prolonged treatment

210 Surgical treatment of cardiac diseases without extracorporeal circulation by adults above 18 years

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