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If your condition requires admission to the hospital, our staff at the Registry will inform you about the procedure of admission. They are entitled to assist you and will process the necessary documents. Health care specialists will inform you about the medical routine, what procedures you are undergoing and then show you to your room. According to your capabilities and your wish you may take advantage of a private room or other ancillary services for which you will be informed at the Registry.

It is important to know that:

You can be admitted to the hospital after consultation with a specialist from our Diagnostic and Advisory Unit in the following ways:

1. With direction № 7 / direction for hospitalization / issued by your GP or cardiologist.

2. After outpatient examination by our cardiologists on prior appointment with CITY CLINIC Burgas.

To enter treatment or to perform invasive examinations (coronagraphy, peripheral arterial angiography), you will need to pre-enroll in the schedule for hospitalization. You can do this arrangement via e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or simply calling:

  • +359 56/ 893 860
  • +359 56/ 893 861
  • +359 56/ 893 862

or directly at our address:

73, Stefan Stambolov Str.
(in the building of City Hospital Burgas)
8018 Burgas

CITY CLINIC Burgas has the necessary resources of experts, equipment and logistics to take on emergency heart conditions.

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