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Why choose Us

In ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas we are working to change our patients and their families’ understanding of modern healthcare. This means that for us the care for you comes in first place. In our hospital, 24 doctors and 45 nurses have a mission to help the citizens and visitors of Burgas and the region in the fight against the most widely spread socially-significant diseases in the world, the diseases of the cardiovascular system.

ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas is the only hospital in Burgas and Southeast Bulgaria which combines invasive cardiology and cardiac surgery in a closed hospitalization circle.

The hospital is equipped with the latest model of General Electric clinical CAT scanner using 64 data channels. Our computerized axial tomography scanner is one of the best in Bulgaria, providing unlimited possibilities not only for vascular and cardiac diagnosis but also for a detailed diagnosis of any disease such as cancer, orthopaedic, abdominal, surgical and morphological diagnosis in all fields of medicine, without exception.

  • TO BE PATIENT of ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas!

Our mission is not just to be acknowledged by the public. For us it is important to work towards a daily change in the perception of our patients. We call our way to deliver care “TO BE PATIENT OF ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas!”

Our way to care for patients inspire us to be the best place for work, for implementation of advanced medicine and the best place to get medical help. 

  • How to choose ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas?

Selecting CITY CLINIC Burgas as your hospital, where to receive highly specialized medical care, starts by choosing one of our authorized doctors. You can use our website for details or call the following numbers:

  • +359 56/ 893 860
  • +359 56/ 893 861
  • +359 56/ 893 862

Do not hesitate to consult with us on site (address: ul. 73, Stambolov Str., Burgas). You can find us easy in the building of the City Hospital in Burgas, right across the entrance of its emergency ward.

  • Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of those who we take care of with responsibility to achieving excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to provide quality care and programs that set the standards of society, to exceed the expectations of patients and to offer friendly, efficient and affordable way.

  • Vision and Values

The vision of ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas is to become and stay the best specialized hospital in Bulgarian territory.

CITY CLINIC Burgas will achieve this position by transforming the experience of healthcare by establishing a new culture of care, quality, services, innovation and high medical achievements.

ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas will be recognized by employees, physicians, patients, volunteers and the community as the best place to work, to practice medicine and to offer highly specialized medical care.

ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas is an organization of people, who work together to provide every day care, to improve the health and well-being of those who are treated here.

The fundamental values of ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas are honesty, awareness, innovativeness and excellence.

  • Quality of healthcare

ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas is dedicated to provide quality health care.

Health services are one of the most important services that you choose for yourself and your family. As consumers of health services, you are able to decide where to seek treatment. CITY CLINIC Burgas has committed to provide healthcare at the highest level. You have the right to expect high quality of the healthcare provided by the team, you have selected.

  • Patient Safety

This is a responsibility of each of us!

Ensuring patient safety requires that everyone working in CITY CLINIC Burgas shall make patient safety a priority. While our physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers dedicate their day to ensure the best and safest healthcare, it is essential our patients to become active and informed in their therapeutic process.

  • Sertify

ACIBADEM CITY CLINIC Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas is asetrified hospital by EN ISO 9001:2008. 




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